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I am a Master in South China University of Technology (SCUT). My research interest broadly lies in theoretical machine learning and computer vision. I aims to tackle challenging problems and develop algorithms of “sky-and-earth”: (i) “sky”: having clear intuitions or non-trivial theoretical guarantees, (ii) “earth”: proposing simple but effective method in practice.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

under the supervision with Prof. Tan. ## Education - Master, Software Engineering, School of Software Engineering, South China University of Technology, 2017 ~ Now - Bachelor, Statistics, School of Applied Mathematics, Guangdong University of Technology, 2013 ~ 2017 ## Honors and Awards - Travel award of NeurIPS, Vancouver, Canada, 2019 - Oral Presentation at ICML Conference, Stockholm, Sweden, 2018 - Excellent Undergraduate Thesis & Excellent Graduate Student, GDUT, 2017 - National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China, 2014

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